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How It Works

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Review Benchmark Data

On the call, we’ll make sure your systems are connected and we’ll show you how the median mental health and behavioral health clinics and practices are performing, along with the performance of top and bottom performers.

Step 3:

Discuss Opportunities For Improvement

The data will show areas where you are under-performing and also what performance is possible if you tweak your strategy to be more like the top performers in the group. Based on our experience helping mental health and behavioral health clinics and practices optimize website performance, we can make suggestions on how to improve your results.

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What Should I Consider When Estimating My Budget?

No one else can see your company’s specific data. You cannot see any other company’s specific data either. Databox’s Benchmark Groups software anonymizes your performance data, and then calculates the benchmarks. Your company’s data remains fully anonymous

No, as a Databox Partner, we’re able to offer it to you totally free

You can opt-out at any time and remove your company’s data from the system.